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The Value of Meaningful Continuing Education


7) Continuing education, while 24 hours every 2 years is required for every active and practicing chiropractor in the state of Pennsylvania, I do my best on a weekly basis to learn and apply new techniques and procedures for various spinal conditions. As a practitioner, you can choose to pick the run of the mill continuing education that reinforces what you already know or you can try to learn something new every chance you have. Dr. Bottesch has a lasting desire to continue learning and adapting his approach to treating spinal pain. Patients who sought care from me when I first opened the clinic would likely tell you that I’ve changed various aspects of treatment with each passing year.


  • Dr. Hans Bottesch trained with some of the best Chiropractors in the United States during his time learning in the Veteran's Affairs Medical Centers in upstate New York. He also stays up-to-date on all of the musculoskeletal research that is published on a weekly basis. There are times where the newest research will have a bearing on evaluation and treatment and other times it may affect the type of advice you provide to someone during a course of care.

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