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If you want a caring Chiropractor, willing to take the time (which is something no other doctor has done for me) to treat your problems and go the extra mile, writing letters to your medical doctors explaining what he sees that the medical doctor never did. Go to Bloomsburg Spine & Sport in Bloomsburg PA, Dr. Bottesch gives everyone the care and time they deserve. ~ Mike G. - Stillwater

Dr. Hans Bottesch was very friendly from the time I walked in the door. He was extremely thorough with his questioning and getting to know my medical background. He explained to me in great detail my condition using tools to help me understand. I would recommend him to anyone who has back pain or discomfort. After just 2 visits, I was back to my active self again. Thank you Dr. Hans! ~ Courtney W. - Bloomsburg

I rarely make personal recommendations of any kind, but I have NO problem recommending Dr. Bottesch. He's very professional and approaches his treatment plan for you with a genuine holistic perspective. Very nice to not be just a problematic back or a particular ailing body part, as most medical related treatment has become these days. Dr. Bottesch is a very knowledgeable man with a sincere desire to help you get into a state of wellness. I consider myself very fortunate to have found him. ~ S. Paul - Danville

Dr. Hans and Kayla provided me with excellent care. They are both wonderful practitioners with a genuine care for their patients. Dr. Hans is very knowledgable and helpful. Kayla has a wonderful attitude and a sweet personality. ~ Nakita R. - Bloomsburg

Bloomin Health Chiropractic has always helped me out. Whether my Tourette's acted up or I pulled a muscle in my back, I always walked out feeling better. It is worth a visit if you are truly in pain or simply need an adjustment. ~ John R. - Jamison, PA

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