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Established Patient Visits


2) Established patient visits run between 15-40 minutes at a time, depending on the amount and type of treatment needed to address your condition. Again, time is valuable because you are more likely to require less visits to the office if we can accomplish more in one visit. In other offices, some follow-up visits run less than 5 minutes with only chiropractic adjusting that tends to neglect other aspects of painful spinal conditions (muscles, ligaments, compensation patterns, etc).


  • There are no "canned", one-size fits all, treatment plans for everyone. Each presentation will require its own unique physical medicine (manipulation, muscle work, stretching, electric muscle stimulation) and rehabilitation exercises and advice. Depending on what spinal condition you present with adjustments (or spinal manipulation) are not always the best (or only) treatment that should be provided for optimal relief. Lastly, if we really think you'd benefit from care elsewhere, we'll tell you.


  • There is a notable difference in paying out of pocket for an actual examination and in many cases a short course of care instead of seeing someone in-network who doesn’t take the time to fully evaluate your complaint and will push you to be seen for more frequent and longer cases of care (3x/week for 4 weeks, 2x/week for 4 weeks, 1x/week for 4 weeks, etc)


  • Patient Centered Care: While we do prefer to utilize manual manipulation, we are very opened minded to using the treatment that each individual patient is most comfortable with. For example; while manual manipulation may provide you the fastest improvements in pain and disability, you may dislike the "cracks and pops" that are associated with it. Therefore, we are very open to using mobilization and other gentle techniques to accommodate your preferences.


  • If you are looking for someone to just “crack your back”, you might as well start searching for another chiropractor right now and save us both the trouble.

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