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Value of Seeking Care Out-Of-Network Care



New Patients are Afforded One Hour and a Comprehensive History and Evaluation

1) New patients are afforded at least an hour at the first visit. Time is valuable because we are better able to identify the most likely source of your pain and address it appropriately. Seeking care from someone who will take the extra time may save you additional visits to other specialists and providers for further diagnosis of your symptoms. The additional time allows us to ensure that we are fully able to understand your condition and how to best proceed with a care plan. In other offices, new patients are afforded 30 minutes and in the majority of cases that is not enough time to sufficiently identify the pain generators and form an effective treatment plan together.


  • New patients receive an actual comprehensive evaluation and history of their spinal complaints. There are no gimmicky "scanning" machines or other gadgets to tell you how "bad' your back is. Unlike your traditional Chiropractor who is searching for the mysterious “subluxation” as the focus of their “exam”, you will undergo a physical exam that is comparable to the one you’d receive in an orthopedist’s office.

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