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Out-of-Network (OON) Providers and Insurers


3) As an Out-Of-Network provider I can provide you the care that you require without your care being dictated by the insurance company (limiting visits, uncovered services, poor reimbursement for different procedures that urge the doctor to avoid them, etc). The insurance companies care about one thing; their bottom line and profits. They will never assess your condition or meet you in person, but they will dictate what they will and will not cover without ever meeting or evaluating you. In order to keep the office doors open and profitable, I would have to see more patients per hour, which ultimately results in suboptimal care of spinal conditions. I refuse to allow them to dictate the care that I provide to my patients.


Evidence-Informed Treatment Protocols : There aren't any fancy gadgets, gizmos, machines or tables at our clinic. Evidence supports the use of manual (meaning hands-on) manipulation and other hands-on therapies and that is our approach to treatment when applicable. Manipulation is combined with muscle therapy, stretching, and therapeutic strengthening/stretching exercises performed at home for the best results.

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