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What if a chiropractor is behaving in an unethical manner?


For general information regarding unethical behavior by Chiropractors, including advertisement, examination, and treatment scams, please visit


From time to time the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) receives correspondence asking if certain chiropractic procedures are normal and/or asking where or how to file a complaint against a doctor of chiropractic.


Procedures:  The ACA does not necessarily have specific policy statements on all types of chiropractic procedures. You may check our policies page to see if a specific item has been discussed; for example, you can learn more about the mostly commonly used chiropractic techniques. For billing/coding questions, you can check our coding and reimbursement area.


ACA is the largest organization for doctors of chiropractic but does not have disciplinary means over doctors who are not members; doctors who are members can face discontinuation of membership if the matter is severe enough and another authority has seen fit to revoke a doctor’s license. The ACA itself has no regulatory authority to suspend a doctor’s license, and does not act as a repository for complaints about doctors. In most cases, for complaints about doctors of chiropractic, as with other healthcare providers, the ultimate authority is the individual state board of licensure.


Billing:  If the nature of your concern with a doctor of chiropractic involves a billing dispute, we highly recommend that you first discuss the issue with your individual doctor of chiropractic. What may seem incorrect can often be clarified after having reviewed the case with your doctor. If your case involves an insurer, ensure that you are clear on exactly what your plan will pay for regarding chiropractic coverage. Often times, insurance plans may have a blanket statement that they pay for chiropractic care but may not pay for all of your visits or all of your therapies. If, after discussing your concerns with both the doctor and your insurer, you feel your issue has gone unresolved, you may wish to contact your state department of insurance.


Ethics:  If the nature of your concern with a doctor of chiropractic involves an ethical complaint about the doctor’s relationships with his or her patients, including any inappropriate sexual behavior, we recommend you immediately contact your individual state board of licensure.

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