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The Value of Primary Spine Care

So, what is the value in seeking care from a Primary Spine Practitioner? I’m going to bullet out my points from here.

PSPs can:

  • Recognize and refer the 3-7% of spine care patients that actually DO require further investigation. How does this translate into value? You won’t be referred for an MRI or EMG studies at the drop of a hat. Most people, see the 3-7% above, don’t require it. And those tests, even when covered by insurance, aren’t cheap. If you are lucky enough to have an insurance plan that covers 80% of the cost of a test, a $1500 MRI will still cost the patient $300 to cover their 20% of the insurance contract.

  • Identify, with high probability, the cause(s) of your spinal pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to save yourself the trouble of running from specialist to specialist looking for the cause of your symptoms? PSPs are trained to identify and subsequently manage the majority of spinal pain conditions. No more running to the Physical Therapist because your “hip is out” repeatedly. Those pesky “subluxations” at the Chiropractor may not be the source of your pain either. Don’t bother getting advice on how to strengthen your core from your trainer. Get evaluated appropriately and find out if you even need to be doing those things. Saving individual trips to other practitioners ends up saving you time and money!

  • Figure out what other factors have contributed to the development of or persistence of your pain experience. Is there miscommunication between your brain and spinal stabilizers? Are your eyes not in sync with your neck when looking side to side? Have you been fed the wrong information and understandings of pain? Is your nervous system hyper-sensitive to what are otherwise normal stimuli? Perhaps a little help with how to cope with some of the symptoms is all it takes to help minor flare-ups seem…well…minor. And where is the value? Again, you are saving yourself the time and money spent on other services and even potentially some medications.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Join the movement. Primary Spine Care is a growing movement with the goal of changing how we deliver spine care services to patients in the United States. Partner with a Primary Spine Practitioner today for your spine care needs!

Hans W. Bottesch II, D.C., completed his clinical training as an evidence-informed Chiropractor in the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) of upstate New York. He has been trained as a Primary Spine Practitioner and has published articles in the lay press community. He currently practices out of Bloomsburg Spine & Sport. You can contact him at

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