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Value-Based Spine Care

Primary Spine Care provided by Primary Spine Practitioners (PSP) is part of a movement in our healthcare system to provide high quality care, improve outcomes and lower the cost of care to patients.

"We all know that U.S. health care is too expensive, too inefficient, and the quality is too varied. The goal of value-based care is to fix that."

Those of you who are patients of the clinic should hopefully be somewhat aware of this type of movement. Gone are the recommendations of 3-4 visits per week for a month. You aren't receiving ultrasound, electric stimulation and a handful of other therapies every single visit. Value-based spine care has a "less is more" approach to it. For more information, check out the Harvard Business Review's article on Value-Based Healthcare.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Join the movement. Primary Spine Care is a growing movement with the goal of changing how we deliver spine care services to patients in the United States. Partner with a Primary Spine Practitioner today for your spine care needs!

Hans W. Bottesch II, D.C., completed his clinical training as an evidence-informed Chiropractor in the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) of upstate New York. He has been trained as a Primary Spine Practitioner and has published articles in the lay press community. He currently practices out of Bloomsburg Spine & Sport. You can contact him at

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