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The Benefits of Being a Patient of an Out of Network Provider:


In response to the recent healthcare changes (Affordable Care Act), our office has elected to drop out of a select 2-3 insurance plans with whom we were previously "in-network". The reasoning behind that decision is outlined below.


Value of Seeking Care from an Excellent Out-Of-Network Provider who does not accept your insurance or as a cash paying patient:


Please take the time to click on each of the numbered links below to read a more in-depth explanation as to the reason why it is of importance, but also valuable to seek care from out-of-network providers or to seek care as a cash paying patient.


1.  New patients receive at least one hour visits and a comprehensive history and evaluation.


2.  Established patients receive 15-30 minute visits.


3.  With Dr. Bottesch positioned as an out of network (OON) provider, your insurer cannot dictate your care.


4.  Time is taken to EXPLAIN your condition to you.


5.  Problem Focused Treatment!


6.  Treat and Release Philosophy!


7.  The value of meaningful continuing education!



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